OCTOBER 26, 27 & 28TH

Registration Cost:
$1,800.00 Pesos - Includes Workshop and participation in the Competition.

Move your place with $600.00 Pesos. Limited Availability
From June 1st 2018.

Registration Procedure:

> Go to and press the button "REGISTER ME"

1. Make the payment corresponding to the account number indicated on the page.
2. Make the registration on the page, fill all the fields with your data.
3. You will receive a confirmation email of your registration where your registration number will be indicated.
4. Ready! You have your place insured and you will have to liquidate until October 12th, 2018.

NOTE: After setting aside your place you can make payments if you wish. Both to settle and intermediate payments you must send your payment voucher to the email indicating your registration number.

COMPETITION: In case of competing, the Competition record must be filled, it is a record for each choreography.

IMPORTANT! The registration of the Workshop and of the Competition are independent, they must be registered in both in case of competing, and both Workshop and Competition are of LIMITED AVAILABILITY.



- TEENS: 13-15 YEARS

IMPORTANT NOTE: In Hip hop there will be no Kids category, so all competitors under 12 years will compete in Junior.

Groups of different ages can be formed, and will enter the category that corresponds to the largest member of the group.o.

The categories Kids, Junior and Teens will be subject to investigation of the age of a member by the organization ED in case of suspicion of not being in the corresponding category, if there is an error said number (s) will be disqualified (s)


The styles with which you can participate and you will be qualifying in the competition are: Jazz, Lyric, Contemporary and Hip hop.


For the styles of Jazz, Lyric and Contemporary you can participate in the modality of Solo, duet / trio and group; It will be qualified by modalities / category, not by style, that is, for example; Solo Jazz, Lyric and Contemporary solo, as in duet / trio and group.

For the style of Hip hop there will be only group mode divided into Small Crew (5 to 9 members) and Megacrew (10+ members).

- There will be 10 seconds of "grace" allowed for each routine after the time limit, after those 10 seconds there will be reduction.
- Routines should be appropriate for age, and suitable for family viewing. If the judges consider that it is inappropriate, they will make a comment, "it is not family friendly" and they will have a reduction, in the event that all the judges have made the same comment, that number will be disqualified.
- There is no limit of choreography per academy, however, a dancer can not compete twice in the same modality / category taking into account that New! all categories will be of LIMITED AVAILABILITY.
- The costumes will be of free will.
- It is not allowed to use scenography, only allowed to use possible items that can give sight to the choreography as long as they can put and remove the stage from the dancers themselves and not endanger the participants as: Things with edge, fire, etc. . Nor is confetti allowed, dust, shine, or anything that messes up the stage.
- All participants must respect the order of participation and be ready for their turn, if they are not on time they will be disqualified.


Jazz - Lyrical - Contempo Hip-Hop
Solo and duo/trio 2:00min max. Small Crew (5 a 9 members) 3:00min. max.
Group (5+ members) 3:00min. max. Megracrew (10+ members) 4min. max.


Teatro de los heroes
- Type: Italian with acoustic shell, closed.
- Floor: Wood and plywood, or special linolium floor.
- Width of the mouth scene: 12m.
- Height of the mouth scene: 8m.
- Distance from the black background to the mouth curtain: 10m.
- Distance from the mouth curtain to the cyclorama: 12m.
- Proscenium: 14m long x 2.44m wide.


The music will be delivered digitally to the email in MP3 format one week before the event. The name of the file should be as follows:

Category_Modality_Style_Name of the Studio/Crew_Dancers(in the case of Solos and Duets/Trio).

> Kids_Solo_Contempo_UpDance_MariaPerez
> Senior_Megacrew_Hiphop_TheGreatestCrew
> Teens_Grupal_Jazz_SuperDancers

It is important that the music has it backed up and brought with it at all times, as in the cell phone, or usb.
If the ED sound equipment fails, the participating group has the option to continue or repeat their number, as desired by the choreographer. If the material of the participants fails, it should continue like this.


1. Technique: 50%
2. Performance/Execution: 20%
3. Choreography and Musicality: 20%
4. General Aspect: 10%

All draws will be resolved: First by the Technique score, second by the Performance score, and third by the vote by the Judges. These criteria will be evaluated in all Modalities and Categories.
The judges will also make constructive criticisms for each number, which they will be able to see along with their scores on the judge sheets corresponding to their numbers.


The groups that win 1st, 2nd and 3rd place of each Category, will be given a representative trophy of the place where they qualified.

Group medals
All participants of the groups that win 1st, 2nd and 3rd place of each Category will be given a medal representative of the place where they qualified.

Single and duets medals
All solo and duet / trio participants who win 1st, 2nd and 3rd place of each Category will be given a medal representative of the place they qualified.

New! All Solo, Duet / Trio and Group choreographies (except hip hop) that are not within the first three places will be graded with Gold, Silver or Bronze.


- Group A: Intermediate or up to 14 years old (according to the teacher's criteria).
- Group B: Advanced or 15 years old (according to the teacher's criteria).

It will be the days: Friday 26th and Saturday 27th October 2018.

At the end of the Workshop, scholarships will be awarded to outstanding students.

* * * * * LIMITED AVAILABILITY * * * * *